Stober SMS EK-ED PH Planetary Geared Motor

Stober SMS EK-ED PH Planetary Geared Motor

Stober SMS EK-ED PH Planetary Geared Motor

We provide all Stober Helical Gearboxes such as Stober Helical Bevel Gear Motors, Stober Helical Worm Geared Motors, Stober Planetary Geared Motors and Stober Rack and Pinion Drives.

Stober SMS EK-ED PH Planetary Geared Motor

Highly rigid and extremely compact drive unit for high-precision tasks

Gear sizes: PH3 – PH10
Stall torque: 9.5 – 3236 Nm
Gear ratio range: 4 – 70
Acceleration torque:
34 – 6912 Nm
Backlash: = 3 – 4 arcmin

Model # Stober Geared Motors

Stober PH322F0700 ED212U
Stober PH322F0500 ED212U
Stober PH322F0500 ED213U
Stober PH322F0400 ED212U
Stober PH322F0400 ED213U
Stober PH322F0350 ED212U
Stober PH422F0700 ED302U
Stober PH422F0500 ED302U
Stober PH422F0500 ED303U
Stober PH522F0700 ED401U
Stober PH522F0500 ED401U
Stober PH522F0500 EK501U
Stober PH522F0400 ED401U
Stober PH522F0400 EK501U
Stober PH522F0400 ED402U
Stober PH522F0350 ED401U
Stober PH722F0400 EK501U
Stober PH722F0400 EK502U
Stober PH722F0400 ED503U
Stober PH722F0250 EK702U
Stober PH822F0700 EK702U
Stober PH822F0700 EK703U
Stober PH822F0500 EK702U
Stober PH822F0500 ED704U
Stober PH932F0200 ED808U
Stober PH932F0420 ED806U
Stober PH932F0400 ED806U
Stober PH932F0280 EK803U
Stober PH932F0280 ED806U
Stober PH1032F0480 ED808U
Stober PH1032F0420 ED808U
Stober PH1032F0420 ED806U
Stober PH1032F0300 ED808U

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