Stober SMS EK-ED PHQK Right-Angle Geared Motor

Stober SMS EK-ED PHQK Right-Angle Geared Motor

Stober SMS EK-ED PHQK Right-Angle Geared Motor


We provide all Stober Helical Gearboxes such as Stober Helical Bevel Gear Motors, Stober Helical Worm Geared Motors, Stober Planetary Geared Motors and Stober Rack and Pinion Drives.

Stober SMS EK-ED PHQK Right-Angle Planetary Geared Motor

High-precision right-angle planetary geared motor with extremely low backlash

Gear sizes: PH5K – PH10K
Stall torque: 37 – 5317 Nm
Gear ratio range: 16 – 555
Acceleration torque:
140 – 7500 Nm
Backlash: = 3.5 – 4.5 arcmin

Model # Stober Gearboxes and Motors

Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0690 ED302U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0690 ED303U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0560 ED302U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0560 ED303U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0500 ED303U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0115 EK502U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0115 ED403U
Stober PHQ721F0055 K202VF0060 EK502U
Stober PHQ821F0055 K402VF0690 EK501U
Stober PHQ821F0055 K402VF0560 EK501U
Stober PHQ821F0055 K402VF0500 EK501U
Stober PHQ821F0055 K402VF0460 EK501U
Stober PHQ821F0055 K402VF0075 EK702U
Stober PHQ821F0055 K402VF0075 ED706U
Stober PHQ931F0060 K513VF0580 EK702U
Stober PHQ931F0060 K513VF0870 EK501U
Stober PHQ931F0060 K513VF0870 EK502U
Stober PHQ931F0060 K513VF0780 EK501U
Stober PHQ931F0060 K513VF0081 ED808U
Stober PHQ1031F0060 K713VF0990 EK702U
Stober PHQ1031F0060 K713VF0890 EK702U

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