Delta VFD-DD AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-DD AC Drives

VFD-DD AC Drives

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The Delta DD series elevator door control drive is an intelligent drive with outstanding features that include a modularized design for easy removal and installation of terminal blocks, a power switch designed for safety, and a built-in digital keypad that provides quick operation control. This drive offers four door control modes for door opening and closing. The distance control mode is controlled by an encoder that counts PG pulses to obtain the speed position without sensor. The speed control mode is to control the speed and it needs detection sensors to execute the door open and close action. The multi-step speed control mode generates a smooth door open-and-close curve using PLC control. The Delta DD series elevator door control drive provides a complete solution for elevator door control.

Delta VFD-DD Series – Elevator Door Control Drives

  • Door width is determined automatically and is recorded in related elevator parameters.
  • Smooth door re-open curve reduces vibration DEMO mode PM motor A, B, Z, -Z and Delta@@s ECMD-B9160GMS series PM motor Supports open collector and voltage output encoder (5~12VDC) for induction motors Blockage detection, even if the hardware safety device has failed, VFD-DD can re-open the door according to current detection.
  • Precise torque detection, keeps the door open/closed, when the door open/close time exceeds warning, it forces door open

Part Numbers:

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmpskW
Delta VFD002DD21A0.25HP220V1PH1.5A
Delta VFD002DD21AB0.25HP230V1PH1.5A0.2kW
Delta VFD002DD21C0.25HP230V1PH1.5A0.2kW
Delta VFD002DD21CB0.25HP230V1PH1.5A0.2kW
Delta VFD004DD21AB0.25HP230V1PH2.5A0.2kW
Delta VFD004DD21A0.5HP230V1PH2.5A0.4kW
Delta VFD004DD21C0.5HP230V1PH2.5A0.4kW
Delta VFD004DD21CB0.5HP230V1PH2.5A0.4kW
Delta ECMD-B9120GMS70W350rpm1.9Nm
Delta ECMD-B9160GMS65W250rpm2.5Nm