One Shot Power Supply

Model WSCC-101
Part Number: 901-00-014

The One Shot Power Supply is available for use with standard AC as well as DC D-Frame coils. The one shot provides a single overexcite voltage pulse whether the switch is momentarily closed, or held closed. The unit operates on either 120 or 230 AC, 50/60 Hz power and may be mounted in any convenient position by use of two mounting holes for #8-32 screws.

Note: Designed for use with actuator limit stop option and D-frame coil.

Input:120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output:160/290 VDC Peak, 3 amps max at 160 VDC output, 5 amps max. at 290 VDC output
Ambient Temperature:32° F to + 122° F
0° C to + 50° C
Terminals:Amp Inc., Fast-on 250 Series Tabs (.250 X .032),
For 14-16AWG AMP #640905-1
For 18-22AWG AMP #640903-1


SolenoidVAC InputMaximum Cycle Rate
12 VDC120200 CPM
24035 CPM
24 VDC120300 CPM
24040 CPM
90 VDC120400 CPM
24060 CPM
115 VAC120350 CPM
24045 CPM