WEG CFW080300TGN4A1Z AC Drive

WEG CFW080300TGN4A1Z AC Drive

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The CFW08 Washdown brings the many CFW08 design benefits with added versatility for the operations of higher protection degree environments. Coming from the original CFW-08, the NEMA 4X AC Drive features a IP66 rated enclosure that protects against high pressure water, corrosion and dust. The Drive is designed to be mounted directly in severe environments and can be used in washdown applications without need for a custom enclosure. For higher protection, the heat sink is totally painted, that means that the aluminum will not changed the appearance with the use, resulting in less maintenance. The electronic boards are tropicalized (conformal coated) and as this product may be installed in humid and dusty environments. 

WEG CFW080300TGN4A1Z Washdown NEMA4X Specifications:

Applications Any washdown application.

Optional Features Dynamic Braking Resistors available Remote Keypad with Copy Function RS-232 or RS-485 Serial Interface Modbus Communication* DIN rail mounting through 2HP *Requires optional RS-232 or RS-485 Interface

Certifications CE, UL for US and Canada

Input Voltage Three-phase input voltage.

Current Overload Capacity 150 %

PWM Output 16 bit DSP controlled PWM output

Switching Frequency 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 15 kHz adjustable swiching frequency

Inputs Four isolated programmable digital inputs. Two isolated programmable analog inputs.

Outputs Two programmable relay outputs

Protective Features Over current, motor overload, drive over temperature, output phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground short circuit, DC bus over and under voltage and external fault

Control features Linear and S-Ramp acceleration and deceleration, local/remote control, DC braking, torque boost, motor slip compensation, electronic pot, preset speeds, adjustable V/Hz profile, maximum and minimum adjustable frequency limits, two skip frequencies, adjustable output current limit, JOG, ride-thru, flying start and PID regulator.

Display Readings Motor speed, frequency, voltage, current, last fault, heatsink temperature and drive status

Humidity 90% humidity, non-condensing

Motor Volts 460 V

Input Power Supply 3-Phase 460V

Motor HP 20

Drive AMPS 30

Braking Transistor YES

Frame Size 4

Dimensions 13.4 x 8.5 x 8.5

Enclosure NEMA 4X

Approx. Shipping Weight 18 lbs

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