The CFW500 covers power levels from 0.18 to 7.5 kW (0.25 to 10 HP). The WEG CFW500 drive has 230Vac power ratings of 1/4HP-3HP Single-Phase input; 1/4HP-15HP Three-Phase input, as well as 1/4HP-25HP 3 Phase input at 460Vac. Key features include V/Hz and vector control (VVW) operating modes, a built-in PLC, integrated keypad with back lit display, optional external flash memory module, and ‘plug and play’ option modules for communications and I/O to accommodate numerous machine configurations.

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WEG CFW500A07P0S2 Machinery Drive Specs:

Item #’s
WEG CFW500 A 07P0 S2
WEG CFW500 A 07P0 S2 NB N1

Motor Volts 230 V

Motor HP 2

Rated current AMPS 7

Frame size A

Enclosure NEMA 1

Braking transistor No

Dimensions (in.) H x W x D – 8.8 x 3.0 x 5.9

App. shpg. wt. (lbs) – 2.4 (1.1)

Features and Benefits

  • Power range: ¼ to 20 HP (0,18kW to 7,5kW)
  • Single or three phase up to 3 HP
  • Power supply voltage: 200-240 V and 380-480 V
  • Scalar control (V / F) or Vector control (VVW)
  • Plug-in modules: The optional communication network and I/O modules are easily installed, allowing interface of the standard VFD to each application Benefits: Selection and installation of several interface options allows the CFW500 to match a broad range of applications
  • SoftPLC: Built-in PLC enables the VFD to do much more than just turn a motor. Programming flexibility combined with network and I/O options make the CFW500 a powerful part of an integrated systemBenefit: Often eliminates the need for an external PLC, reducing costs, optimizing space and simplifying the system
  • Communication networks: CFW500 communications networks include: CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP and ModbusBenefits: Versatile integration with process networks for a wide range of applications
  • Flash memory module: Quickly replicate the programming from one CFW500 to others without the need to apply power to the driveBenefits: Fast, easy and reliable programming for manufacturers that produce machines in large quantities.
  • High overload capacity: The standard CFW500 is capable of 150% overload for one minute, repeatable every 6 minutes, based on ambient temperature of 50° CBenefits: Does not require oversizing the VFD
  • Ambient temperature 50 ºC
  • Conformal Coating as Standard for all circuit boards
  • NEMA1 Protection (standard) and IP20 (optional)
  • Factory Installed C2 or C3 RFI Filter (optional)
  • Flash memory module: quickly replicate the programming from one CFW500 to others without the need to apply power to the drive
  • Free SuperDrive G2 and WLP software download


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