AutomatedPT is your source for SUMITOMO motors, gearmotors, and variable frequency drives

Sumitomo’s industry leading technology, combined with AutomatedPT’s extensive experience, can assist you in selecting the right unit or developing a multi-component system optimized to your application.

General purpose units
Sumitomo concentric drives include inline reducers and gearmotors suitable for both light and heavy-duty applications. Advantages include:

  • compact modular design
  • easy installation of output chains and sprockets
  • high shock load capacity
  • durability
  • wide ratio ranges

Right-angle and specialty drives
Sumitomo right-angle drives are ideal for special applications where space is at a premium or design considerations demand a right-angle configuration. Advantages include:

  • compact space-saving profile
  • ease of installation
  • shaft mounted reducers and gearmotors
  • spiral, bevel and Hypoid® gear designs for quiet, efficient performance
  • simplified maintenance due to absence of chain, sprocket, and chain guard

The Sumitomo Cyclo® series—a wide range of sizes and configurations for industry’s toughest jobs

Incorporating advanced technology, rugged construction, and outstanding performance, the Sumitomo Cyclo® series units deliver superb performance in a compact, durable package.

  • Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox 4 Series—a state-of-the-art mid-size family of speed reducers and gearmotors
  • Cycle® Bevel Buddybox 5 Series—a highly efficient, compact series of gearmotors and speed reducers
  • Cyclo® Overhead Drive—drop-in ready for DVX and European standard footprints in both inline and right-angle configurations, the Cyclo® Overhead Conveyor Drive excels in food industry and general applications including automotive and other conveyor systems
  • Beier Cyclo® Variator—the ultra-compact combination of a Beier Variator and a Cyclo® Reducer that provides both adjustable speed range and extremely low output speeds
  • Fine Cyclo®—a precision reducer for applications that demand accurate positioning and repeatability such as industrial robotics and automated production equipment. Fine Cyclo® features zero backlash, minimal lost motion, and high torsional stiffness.
  • Cyclo® 6000—the most popular of the Cyclo® line—the Cyclo® 6000 eliminates wear, shear, and other problems associated with gear drives through its epicycloidal (planetary) design. Two-thirds of its reduction components are in contact at all times

Available in sizes ranging from 1/8 hp to 100 hp, Cyclo® 6000 is most frequently used with Sumitomo variable frequency drives and is engineered to deliver high performance over a long life. An intrinsic lubrication system eliminates conventional maintenance problems, and the Cyclo® 6000 CN variation can be mounted in any direction.

  • Cyclo® Servomotor Servo 6000–a low-backlash version of the standard Servo drive, the Servo 6000 is available in both foot-mounted and flange-mounted designs.
  • Cyclo® Servomotor Servo 100—based on Cyclo® technology, Servomotor speed reducers offer a combination of high strength, low inertia, low noise, and high reduction ratios in a small, lightweight package
  • Cyclo® Centrifuge Drives—designed for conveyor applications, Sumitomo Centrifuge Drives provide the differential speed between the bowl and the conveyor and the torque for the conveyor. The perfectly balanced housing is connected with the bowl and turns at the bowl speed
  • Cyclo® Helical Buddybox (Cyclo® HBB)—the parallel shaft, helical gearbox with Cyclo reducer input features keyless, steel taper-Grip® bushing for easy mounting

Hansen P4 Series

  • Hansen P4 UniMiner Gear Units—a compact industrial transmission optimized for mining and other applications involving bulk material handling
  • P4 vertical gearbox—available in 16 different sizes with up to 819,000 Nm output torque, the Hansen P4 vertical gearbox is available with two and three stages and reduction ratios between 6.3:1 and 500:1. Housings are available with a parallel or right-angle shaft configuration, either with a solid or hollow low-speed shaft
  • Hansen P4 Multistage Gear Units—The Hansen P4 gearbox is available in 19 different sizes, ranging from 6kNm to 1100kNm output torque. Also available with two, three or four-gear stages and reduction ratios between 6.3:1 and 630:1. Housings are available with a parallel or right-angle shaft configuration, either with a solid or hollow low-speed shaft
  • Hansen P4 Single Stage Gear Unit—The Hansen P4 Single Stage gearbox is available in 9 different sizes with up to 170,000 Nm torque output and a power rating of up to 10,000kW
  • Hansen (Legacy Products)—Legacy Products for Paramax® equipment and products are available through us. Call for more information and specifications.

Paramax® Drives—setting the standard for Sumitomo quality

  • Paramax® 9000 Series—Paramax’s parallel and right-angle drives are built on almost seven decades of Sumitomo excellence in power transmission engineering.
  • Paramax® SFC Cooling Tower Drive—designed for cooling tower and air-cooled condenser applications, Paramax® SF Cooling Tower Drives are engineered for high performance in these applications and environments.
  • Paramax® (Legacy Products)—contact us directly for information and specifications regarding Legacy Products for Paramax® equipment and units.

Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)
The Helical Shaft Mounted speed reducer incorporates patented Hypoid® gear technology and is available with CEMA screw conveyor drive option and C-face adapter option. Also features patented keyless, steel Taper-Grip® bushing for easy mounting.

Beier® Variators and D-Type Variator
Sumitomo’s Beier Variator is designed for low-horsepower applications requiring variable speed such as conveyors, packaging machines, and all types of process and automated machinery.

Winner of the 1981 Award from the Society of Mechanical Engineers, this double enveloping, single worm reducer has more worm teeth in contact than any competitors’ straight worm shafts.

Sub-Fractional Hyponic®
The Sub-Fractional Hyponic® incorporates a patented design that provides high reduction ratios delivering greater efficiency in all models. The patented Hypoid® gear set, built on Sumitomo’s legacy of premier gearing designs, are the most reliable, longest-life gearing solutions available in the market.

Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)
The Helical Shaft Mounted speed reducer is available with CEMA screw conveyor drive option and C-face adapter option. Also features patented keyless, steel Taper-Grip® bushing for easy mounting.

To ensure selection of the correct Sumitomo products for your application, contact AutomatedPT and put our extensive experience to work for you.