Electric Motors

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Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are widely used in various applications, including industrial machinery, household appliances, electric vehicles, and more. Electric motors offer several advantages, including high efficiency, precise control, low maintenance requirements.

Elektrim/Elektrimax, Electric Motors

Elektrim Motors is an operating business unit and registered trademark of Toolmex Industrial Solutions and is headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Elektrim Motors designs and manufactures ac electric motors in both IEC and NEMA configurations ranging from fractional to 6,300 horsepower primarily in four state-of-the-art ISO 9001 manufacturing plants in Poland wtih additional manufacturing facilities around the world.

Hyundai Electric Motors
Hyundai VFD’s
Hyundai Electronic Soft Starters

Since 1977, HD Hyundai Electric has served as a committed partner to its customers on their journey in the heavy electrical machinery sector and is now embarking on a new beginning. The global power market has been going through a paradigm shift with an increase in penetration of distributed-generation (DG) triggered by growing renewable energy demand, expansion of ICT convergence solutions, and DC power infrastructures.

Sterling, Electric Motors and Speed Reducers, Gearing

Sterling Electric leads the way in the production of a complete line of Stainless Steel Motors ranging from ¼ to 20 Horsepower. Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers ranging from Sub-fractional input ratings to 5 Horsepower, in both Single and Double Reductions 5:1 through 3600:1 Ratios.

Nord, Gearmotors, AC Drives, Electric Motors

NORD gear is represented in over 60 countries in the world. With more than 4,000 employees to ensure minimum short lead times and fast customer service, you can expect to receive your drive and have your questions answered regardless of your geographic location.

TECHTOP Electric Motors

TECHTOP is a family owned company taking complete ownership in the design, manufacturing and sale of electric motor products for industrial and commercial applications. Global corporation with three production facilities & 10 overseas subsidiaries. Setting the standard for innovation, design and construction. A worldwide leader in aluminum frame electric motor production