Gear Motors

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Gear motors are a type of electric motor that incorporates a gear train. A gear train consists of multiple gears arranged in a series, with each gear meshing with the adjacent gear to transmit and modify the rotational motion.

Gear motors are designed to provide high torque output and are commonly used in applications that require precise control of speed and motion. By using different gear ratios, gear motors can effectively increase torque while decreasing rotational speed or increase speed while reducing torque. This makes them useful in a wide range of applications where high torque, low-speed operation, or controlled speed is necessary.

Nord, Gearmotors, AC Drives, Electric Motors

NORD gear is represented in over 60 countries in the world. With more than 4,000 employees to ensure minimum short lead times and fast customer service, you can expect to receive your drive and have your questions answered regardless of your geographic location.

Boston Gear

Boston Gear is a leading global supplier of quality power transmission products to most major industrial markets including, but not limited to food processing, packaging machinery, material handling and most others – including yours. Along with unparalleled delivery programs and superior customer service, the power transmission consumer, distributor and OEM who demand the best can count on Boston Gear.

Sumitomo Gearmotors, Speed Reducers and AC Drives

We offer a wide range of Sumitomo products. Sumitomo Gearmotors, Sumitomo Gearboxes, Sumitomo Motors, and Variable Frequency Drives. Concentric Drives: General purpose, compact, modular, inline reducers and gearmotors offering easy installation of output chains and sprockets; high shock load capacity; durability; and wide ratio ranges.

Hub City

Since 1892, Hub City® power transmission components have been known for their leading edge technology and exceptional engineering capabilities. With an offering of over 50% modified or completely customized products, we take pride in our well-known reputation for providing cost effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

SEW-Eurodrive, Gearmotors, Speed Reducers

85 years of SEW-EURODRIVE started with an ingenious inventor: Albert Obermoser. His gear motor, designed in 1928, revolutionized drive technology. Christian Pähr, a trained banker, recognized the enormous potential of that modern drive design and, in 1931 – in the middle of social and political turmoil.

Bauer Gearmotors

Precision and technical perfection are only one side of the coin with Bauer Gear Motor. The deciding factors behind their work are the individual problems of our customers. They regard these as a challenge and offer tailor-made, comprehensive solutions.

Delroyd Worm Gear

Delroyd Worm Gear, founded in 1923, is recognized worldwide for designing and manufacturing high quality, long-lasting worm gear drives and unique, custom-engineered worm gear products. Extensive application and design engineering experience allows Delroyd to consistently provide reliable and cost-effective gear drive solutions for customers globally.

Grove, Speed Reducers | Helical-Inline R Series | E Series Part Numbers

Grove Gear® drives are industry leaders in industrial-duty gear reducers and gear motors, and our worm speed reducers and ratio multipliers lead the power transmission industry in performance, cost savings, and reduced downtime. Grove Gear gear drives are found in crane, material handling, pulp and paper, and a host of additional industries where quality and dependability are paramount.

Hansen Industrial Gearboxes

Hansen’s industrial gearboxes are used in a range of specialist applications in industries such as the chemicals, energy, material handling, environmental, extraction, pulp and paper, steel and metal, food and beverage, and construction industries.

Motovario, Gearmotors, Speed Reducers, Motors, and VFDs

The actions of Motovario products are an essential part of our normal lives, just like the way the earth turns and night follows day. Raise the curtain, Motovario is coming on stage. Many different contexts and just as many applications: photovoltaic systems, conveyor belts, Ferris wheels, cable cars, and more…