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AutomatedPT is an industrial automation distributor with focus on drives, gearboxes, motors, clutches, brakes, and belts. We carry multiple brands for each of our focus categories to meet a large number of application requirements.

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Brands we carry

Brands we carry

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Call and a person, not a machine will answer.
Engineering support for new applications due to our excellent relationships with manufacturers.
Technical support for products purchased from us.
We handle factory warranty replacement for you.

Same day or next day delivery in many cases when you are down.
Warehouses around the world with a very large inventory of parts.
Direct relationships with factories to get your project prioritized for faster delivery.
Worldwide shipping

We sell thousands of Industrial Power Transmission products including AC Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, Sensors, Light Curtains, Safety Curtains, Temperature controllers, Pressure Transducers, Induction Motors, Gear Motors, Worm Gears, Motor Controllers, and Electric Motor Starters just to mention a few. Call and let us know what you need!


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