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High-Efficiency Right Angle Gearboxes and Gearmotors
Since 1892, Hub City® power transmission components have been known for their leading edge technology and exceptional engineering capabilities. With an offering of over 50% modified or completely customized products, we take pride in our well-known reputation for providing cost effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

High Efficiency Right Angle HERA® Gear Drive
One size can replace up to 4 sizes of worm gear drives! Four Models of HERA® drives can replace 12 sizes of worm gear drives! 90% efficiency & Up to 2X more torque in a No-hassle worm gear drive replacement! Available in both cast iron and IP69K rated stainless steel housing materials.

CleanLine™ Gear Drives & Washdown Products
The Hub City® Cleanline™ Gear Drives & Washdown Products include stainless steel or acrylic painted gear drives. Four levels of wash down protection make up the product offering.

HUBLOC® Keyless Bushing System
The HubLoc® bushing system creates a keyless, backlash-free mechanical interference fit that eliminates the micro-movement that causes fretting and cold welding. It is a self-centering design that achieves optimum concentricity and eliminates oscillation in shaft mounted applications.