Boston Gear 800BR Series – Helical Worm

The 800BR contains a broad selection of compact, heavy duty helical gear drives with long life performance features and simplified maintenance. The use of state of the art helical and worm gear combinations affords optimum performance fulfilling a wide variety of ratio requirements. The 800 BR is functionally interchangeable with most major manufacturer’s drives.


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800 Series Right Angle Helical Worm Gear Drives – Numbering System / How to Order

Reducer Material/Paint
Blank – Cast Iron, Std Gray Paint
BK – Cast Iron, White BostKleen Paint
SBK – Cast Iron, Stainless BostKleen Paint

Input Shaft Style
S – Solid Projecting Input Shaft    SF – Quill Style C-Face Motor Flange

800BR Series

Frame Size
3   4   5   6

Reduction Type
2 – Double 3 – Triple

BR Series

Base/Mounting Attachment
Blank– Foot Mounted     B – Detachable Base
F – Output Flange           T – Torque Arm

Nominal Gear Ratio (Rounded Value)
Refer to Selection Tables For Available Ratios

Blank– No Lubrication, K – Klubersynth UH1 6-460
W – Klubersynth GH6   S – Mobil SHC 634        X – Mobil 600W
(Sizes 3 and 4 are non-vented)

Input Oil Seal
Blank– Standard Seal   T –Two Standard Seals

NEMA Motor Mounting
BORE NEMA                INPUT
B5       56C                   .625             3/16 x 3/32
B7       140TC/180C     .875             3/16 x 3/32
B9       180TC/210C     1.125           1/4 x 1/8
B11      210TC/250UC  1.375           5/16 x 5/32

Blank Solid Input Shaft (No Flange)

Output Shaft Projection
– Carbon Steel Hollow Shaft
G – Carbon Steel Left Projection
H – Carbon Steel Double Projection
J – Carbon Steel Right Projection
S – Stainless Hollow Shaft
GS – Stainless Left Projection
HS – Stainless Double Projection
JS – Stainless Right Projection

Mounting Positions
– No Lubrication
M1-M6– Lubrication per Mounting Positions in Catalog

How to Order
Required flange input, NEMA 56C, 3/4 HP, Class I, detachable base, 45:1 ratio, lubricated, with double output shaft and standard mounting position.

1 pc SF832BR-45K-B5 or item code F01425
1 pc XS830BR-11K (Base Kit) or 5 digit item code 59610
1 pc XS830BR-3PBK (Output Shaft) or 5 digit item code 59609
If components are to be factory assembled specify as SF832BRB-45K B5 H.

Mounting Positions


800 Series Right Angle Helical Worm Selection Tables