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Boston Gear ACE 10 Series

Boston Gear is proud to introduce a new series of AC drives for your industrial applications. The ACE Series of drives is available in four sizes:

  • The ACE series of drives is ideal for conveyors, pumps, fans, food processing machinery, packaging machinery and more.
  • You can use the ACE series of drives along with many other mechanical power transmission components offered by the Colfax Power Transmission Group.

Boston Gear ACE 10 Series Adjustable Frequency AC Motor Controllers

Catalog Number # Item CodeTypeHP RatingVoltagePhaseAmps
Boston Gear ACE101V1P0002C43285Chassis1/411511.4
Boston Gear ACE101V1P0005C43286Chassis1/211512.3
Boston Gear ACE101V1P0010C43287Chassis111514.2
Boston Gear ACE102V1P0002C43288Chassis1/423011.4
Boston Gear ACE102V1P0005C43289Chassis1/223012.3
Boston Gear ACE102V1P0010C43290Chassis123014.2
Boston Gear ACE102V3P0020C43291Chassis22303a7.5
Boston Gear ACE102V3P0030C43292Chassis32303a10.5
Boston Gear ACE104V3P0010C43293Chassis146032.3
Boston Gear ACE104V3P0020C43294Chassis246033.8
Boston Gear ACE104V3P0030C43295Chassis346035.2
Boston Gear ACE101V1P0002N443296NEMA 41/411511.4
Boston Gear ACE101V1P0005N443297NEMA 41/211512.3
Boston Gear ACE101V1P0010N443298NEMA 4111514.2
Boston Gear ACE102V1P0002N443299NEMA 41/423011.4
Boston Gear ACE102V1P0005N443300NEMA 41/223012.3
Boston Gear ACE102V1P0010N443301NEMA 4123014.2
Boston Gear ACE102V3P0020N443302NEMA 422303a7.5
Boston Gear ACE102V3P0030N443303NEMA 432303a10.5
Boston Gear ACE104V3P0010N443304NEMA 4146032.3
Boston Gear ACE104V3P0020N443305NEMA 4246033.8
Boston Gear ACE104V3P0030N443306NEMA 4346035.2

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