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R1000 Series Bevel Gear Drives

Selection Procedure

Catalog ratings are based on Class I service (uniform load, operating no more than 10 hours/day). For applications meeting these conditions selection may be made by comparing the actual load to be transmitted with the appropriate catalog rating. For other conditions selection must be made, based on an equivalent horsepower or torque, obtained by multiplying actual load by the proper service factor.

Selection Procedure:
1. Determine the correct service factor using the Applications Classification Chart—Pages 348 & 349. If the application is not listed, obtain service factor from Service Factor Chart on page 349.
2. Multiply the actual output torque or HP by the service factor to obtain the equivalent rating required.
3. Establish input and output speed and/or gear ratio required for the enclosed drive.
4. Selection of all bevel gear drives should be based on Steps 1 through 3 using Selection Chart for desired input and output speeds (including speed increasing drives) that satisfy the required equivalent horsepower or torque.

TO ORDER: Specify Model Number,
                     Ratio and Assembly Type
EXAMPLE: R1211-1.5-A, Item Code (61037)

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