Sumitomo Cyclo BBB4 – upgraded for improved performance

The rugged, all-steel Cyclo BBB4 is designed for reliability, efficiency, and longer life. The Cyclo or planetary inputs deliver greater performance with less wear than conventional gear designs, and the series delivers increased power ratings, higher torque, and a wider selection of shaft diameters. Also available are 46 new standard ratios and 87 optional ratios.

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Cyclo® 6000

Cyclo's unique epicycloidal design has advantages superior to speed reducers using common involute tooth gears. Cyclo components operate in compression, not in shear.

Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox® 4 Series

The Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox 4 Series (Cyclo® BBB4) is a robust, state-of-the-art, mid-sized family of speed reducers and gearmotors.

Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox® 5 Series

The Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox 5 Series (Cyclo® BBB5) is a highly efficient, state of the art, compact series of speed reducers and gearmotors.

Cyclo Helical BuddyBox (Cyclo HBB)

Parallel shaft, helical gearbox with Cyclo reducer input. Features keyless, Steel Taper-Grip® bushing for easy mounting.

Cyclo® BBB4 with C-Face
Hyponic® - Right Angle Drive

The Hyponic® is a right angle, all-steel hypoid gear drive. In addition to the patented Hypoid gear technology, the Hyponic® features patented Hypoid gear technology, maintenance-free grease lubrication, high efficiency operation, and universal mounting.

Paramax® 9000 Series

Paramax parallel and right angle drives are built on almost seven decades of Sumitomo excellence in power transmission engineering.

Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)

Helical shaft mounted speed reducer available with CEMA screw conveyor drive option and C-face adapter option. Features patented keyless, steel Taper-Grip® bushing for easy mounting.

Beier Variator D-Type