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A wide variety of thermoplastic belts are available for the various material handling needs in a broad range of industries, including:
* Food Handling
* Package Handling
* Paper Products / Corrugated Boxboard
* Metal Parts Conveying
* Textile Industry
* Electronic Parts Conveying
* General Industry

The Availability of different cover types enables you to match the most suitable compounds and surface with the demands of the product environment. Cover compounds and surface textures are offered for most conveying situations: FDA/USDA regulation, extreme temperature resistance, oil and fat resistance, cut and abrasion resistance, and sticky product release. The many advantages of polyurethane (PU) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) make them the ideal cover compounds for the most difficult material handling conditions. Special covers are available for the unique applications requiring a non-standard compound or surface.

Our fabrication products feature:
* The industry’s largest selection of cleated belts which include numerous rubber compounds, PVC and urethane
* Over 100 different chevron cleated patterns
* V-guided belts
* Urethane and silicone covered belts
* Precision ground covers
* Grooving and hole punching
* Flanged-edged belts
* Corrugated sidewall belting
* Filter belts
* Longitudinally spliced belts for wide applications
* Seamless polyurethane pulley lagging laminations
* Air permeable fabrics

Conveyer Belts, Power Transmission Belts and Plastic Table Chain We Carry


 2. Plastic Table Top Chain