Grove Right Angle Gear Reducer GR-WBMQ815-30-D-56

Grove Right Angle Gear Reducer GR8153031.00GROVE Catalog Number: GR8153031.00
GROVE Model Number: GR-WBMQ815-30-D-56
Description: 800 Series WASHGUARD Cast-Iron Right Angle Gear Reducer
Output Shaft CONFIG: Double Output Shafts Available

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GROVE 800 SERIES WBMQ Cast-Iron Washguard Gear Reducers are designed and built to withstand the rigors of high pressure washdown environments in food service and other wet or humid conditions. A white, food-grade epoxy finish provides superior durability in wet environments and resists caustic cleaning solutions.


  • Vent free design – The Enviro-Seal operates in any mounting position and is standard in all stock WASHGUARD reducers to create a "Sealed For Life" design. There's no need to install a vent.
  • Food-Grade Synthetic Oil Mobil Glygoyle PAG 460 meets USDA Class H1 standards while providing superior mechanical/thermal performance and extended life.
  • O-ring seals on input and output covers eliminate gaskets, sealants and leaks.
  • Viton® double-lip seals and Viton® double-lip seals are up to five times more durable than nitrile seals and provide superior resistance to chemical corrosion in severe applications.
  • 303 stainless steel output shaft is corrosion resistant for long life and ease of servicing.
  • Stainless steel assembly hardware resists corrosion from moisture and chemicals.
  • O-ring on input flange provides a positive seal against moisture intrusion.
Ratio:1 30
Input RPM 1750
Output RPM 58.3
Input HP 0.63
Output HP 0.442
Output Torque (lb.-in.) 478
Housing Construction Cast Iron
Overhung Load (lbs.) 860
Reducer Type Worm – Right Angle
Center Distance (in) 1.54
Reducer Style WBMQ
Input Style C-faced Quill
Frame Size 56C
Assembly BMQ-L
Output Shaft Assembly D (Double Output)
Bore Size (in) n/a