Hyundai N700 E Series VFD N700E-004SF

230 Volts, Single Phase Input/Three Phase Output
hyundai N700 E VFD AC Drive
Model Number: N700E-004SF
HP: 0.5
Rated Output Current: 3
Dimensions (inches): 5.04 x 2.67 x 5.04
Approximate Weight (lbs): 2.6

Designed for dependable performance in industrial and commercial applications, th Hyundai N700 E Series delivers superior vector performance by varying voltage and frequency during the operation. The user-friendly control delivers superior speed and torque response, and the compact size and choice of open-drive or closed-drive (for protection against hostile environments) can be combined with AutomatedPT’s PLC/HMI devices to increase application possibilities. Certified to international standards (UL/cUL, CE), these units set the standard for global applications and will efficiently power conveyors, fans and blowers, compressors, pumps, mixers, agitators, feeders, centrifuges, cranes and hoists, presses, sa14, extruders, and others.

Hyundai AC/VFD Drives
• Adjustable carrier frequencies
• RS485 – Modbus communications
• Sixteen level multi-speed
• Intelligent input function
• AVR function
• Speed search function
• BDR brake function
• 50°C ambient
• Auto-tuning
• Analog gain bias
• DC braking
• Electronic thermal overload
• 3000 second accel/decel
• Jog run
• 120% overload for one minute, Variable Torque applications
• Auto-torque boost, trip history monitor and software lock
• 150% overload for one minute for Constant Torque applications
• Frequency jump •PID control
• Sensorless Vector Control
• 0.01-400hz
• Provides minimal noise
• Complies with RoHS
• High reliability
• Built to provide constant or variable torque