Jason Belt Multi-Rib V Belt

Belt Type – J
Belt Size/Part No – 280J
Effective Length – 28
Approx. Weight Per Rib – 0.014

Multi-Rib V-Belts – J, L, M
Where a broad range of speed ratios (up to 60:1) is required, Multi-Rib V-belts are often
recommended. Belt turnover is eliminated. Additionally, Multi-Rib V-belts offer greater flexibility than banded V-belts for smaller pulley diameters and more compact drives. Greater belt rib to pulley groove contact gives more power transmission in less space. Multi-Rib V-belts are also available in polyurethane construction on special order. For K section automotive and other sizes not listed, consult Jason/Megadyne. Multi-Rib V-belts conform to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-26 and ISO 9982.

Multi-Rib V-belts are specified by the effective length in inches multiplied by 10, the cross section and the number of ribs.

Features & Benefits

    • High Flexibility – Runs on small diameter pulleys, speed ratios up to 60:1
    • Multiple Rib Construction – Eliminates turnover, one belt per drive, reduced noise and vibration
    • Polyester Tensile Cord – High power capacity, low stretch
    • Fiber Reinforced Back – Lateral stiffness
    • Multiple Profiles – Wide range of power – design powers up to 800 HP


    • Compound – Polybutadiene
    • Tensile Cord – Polyester
    • Applications – To be used in most classical, wedge, or FHP applications where the most compact and reliable drives are needed
    • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM standard IP-26 and ISO 9982
    • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM/ISO standards
    • Special Constructions – Additional Cover Rubber (Max. 1/8″)
      Ground Top or Ribs (Max. 10″ Width)
    • Flexonic® – Special construction elastic Multi-Rib belts now available for OEM applications. No take-up or idlers required. Custom-designed for your fixed center drives. Consult Jason/Megadyne Engineering for details.