Leuze 2 Series Detection Sensors

Leuze motion detector and  detection sensors

Leuze 2 Series detection sensors

Leuze 2 Series Throughbeam photoelectric sensors
Leuze 2 Series Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors
Leuze 2 Series Diffuse reflection light scanners with background suppressions

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Leuze 2 Series detection sensors

Miniature diffuse reflection light scanner
with visible red light

Homogenous, focused light beam with a
very small, laser-like light spot

Very good background suppression

3 permanently set scanning ranges: 15mm,
30mm or 50mm

Miniature construction with temperatures table
plastic housing with protection class

IP 67 and 2 inlaid metal fastening sleeves
for secure mounting

Model #


Leuze Transmitter
LEUZE LSSR 2 50112127
LEUZE LSSR 2, 150-S8 50112128
LEUZE LSSR 2, 150-S12 50112129

Leuze Receiver
LEUZE LSER 2/42 50112130
LEUZE LSER 2/42, 150-S8 50112131
LEUZE LSER 2/42, 150-S12 50112132
LEUZE LSER 2/42D 50112133
LEUZE LSER 2/42D, 150-S8 50112134
LEUZE LSER 2/42D, 150-S12 50112135


LEUZE PRK 2/42 50112136
LEUZE PRK 2/42, 150-S8 50112137
LEUZE PRK 2/42, 150-S12 50112138
LEUZE PRK 2/42D 50112139
LEUZE PRK 2/42D, 150-S8 50112140
LEUZE PRK 2/42D, 150-S12 50112141

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LEUZE HRTR 2/42-15F 50112109
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-15F, 150-S8 50112110
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-15F, 150-S12 50112111

LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-15F 50112112
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-15F, 150-S8 50112113
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-15F, 150-S12 50112114

Scanning range permanently set to 30mm
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-30F 50112115
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-30F, 150-S8 50112116
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-30F, 150-S12 50112117
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-30F 50112118
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-30F, 150-S8 50112119
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-30F, 150-S12 50112120

Scanning range permanently set to 50mm
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-50F 50112121
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-50F, 150-S8 50112122
LEUZE HRTR 2/42-50F, 150-S12 50112123
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-50F 50112124
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-50F, 150-S8 50112125
LEUZE HRTR 2/42D-50F, 150-S12 50112126

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