Leuze 618 Series Detection Sensors

Leuze 618 Series Detection Sensors

Leuze 618 Series Throughbeam Photoelectric Sensors
Leuze 618 Series Retro-reflective Sensors
Leuze 618 Series Diffuse reflection Scanners

Leuze 618 Series Detection Sensors

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Leuze 618 Series Throughbeam photoelectric sensors

Throughbeam photoelectric sensor with
high performance reserve in red light

Short M18 construction for
limited spaces

Robust metal housing

Dual LED display for easy

Model #


Leuze SET LS 618 / 4 – S12 50038451

Leuze Retro-reflective sensors with polarization filter

PRK 618 / 4 – S12 50038450

Leuze Energetic diffuse reflection scanners

RT 618 / 4 – 200 – S12 50038449

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