Leuze AMS 355i Laser Distance Measurement Device

Leuze AMS 355i Laser Distance Measurement Device

Leuze AMS 355i Laser Distance Measurement Device

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Leuze AMS 355i Laser Distance Measurement Device

The AMS 355i is used wherever position data of moving system components, such as e.g. in high-bay warehouses are calculated. A unique selection of industrial Ethernet, supplemented with all well-known fieldbus interfaces, makes the AMS 355i a “global player”. Distances of up to 300 m are calculated by the use of the most modern signal processors with maximum accuracy in the ms grid. Borderline situations can be detected and indicated with the integrated, extensive functionality catalog.

Unique selection of industrial Ethernet
interfaces for international use

Speeds or configured borderline
situations can be calculated and
monitored at the same time as the

Red light laser for easy alignment
and real-time position measurement
Up to 300 m measurement distance,
with millimeter accuracy for processexact
positioning and optimal space

Unique device with an absolute
accuracy of ±2 mm to ±5 mm

Model #

Leuze AMS 355i Laser Distance Measurement Device

Leuze AMS 355i 40 Alcance 40m, interfaz DeviceNet 50113717

Leuze AMS 355i 120 Alcance 120m, interfaz DeviceNet 50113718

Leuze AMS 355i 200 Alcance 200m, interfaz DeviceNet 50113719

Leuze AMS 355i 300 Alcance 300m, interfaz DeviceNet 50113720

Leuze AMS 355i 40 H Alcance 40m, interfaz DeviceNet, calefacción integrada 50113721

Leuze AMS 355i 120 H Alcance 120m, interfaz DeviceNet, calefacción integrada 50113722

Leuze AMS 355i 200 H Alcance 200m, interfaz DeviceNet, calefacción integrada 50113723

Leuze AMS 355i 300 H Alcance 300m, interfaz DeviceNet, calefacción integrada 5011372

Leuze Reflective tape:
Leuze 50104361
Leuze 50104362
Leuze 50104363
Leuze 50108988
Leuze 50104364
Leuze 50104365
Leuze 50104366

Leuze 50107255 MW OMS/AMS 01 Mounting bracket for mounting on horizontal surfaces

Leuze 50104479

Leuze 50035630

Leuze 50038539 TS 02-4-SA M 12 connector with integrated terminating resistor for BUS OUT

Leuze 50038538 KD 02-5-BA M 12 connector socket for BUS IN or SSI interface

Leuze 50038537 KD 02-5-SA M 12 connector pin for BUS OUT

Leuze 50020501 KD 095-5A M 12 connector for voltage supply

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