Leuze HRTU 420 Ultrasonic Scanners

Leuze HRTU 420 Ultrasonic Scanners

Leuze HRTU 420 Ultrasonic Scanner

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Small ultrasonic scanner in plastic housing
with protection class IP67

Various opening angles and sound cone

Switching behavior largely independent of
surface properties

Precise switching point adjustment through
teach-in on the device and via a cable

Protection against erroneous operation by
automatically locking teach button

Model # Ultrasonic Scanners with Background Suppression

LEUZE HRTU 420/4NO.2-S-S8 50113992
LEUZE HRTU 420/4NC.2-S-S8 50113989
LEUZE HRTU 420/2NO.2-S-S8 50113986
LEUZE HRTU 420/2NC.2-S-S8 50113983
LEUZE HRTU 420/4NO.2-S8 50113991
LEUZE HRTU 420/4NC.2-S8 50113988
LEUZE HRTU 420/2NO.2-S8 50113985
LEUZE HRTU 420/4NO.2-L-S8 50113990
LEUZE HRTU 420/4NC.2-L-S8 50113987
LEUZE HRTU 420/2NO.2-L-S8 50113984
LEUZE HRTU 420/2NC.2-L-S8 50113981

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