Leuze Ident-System HFU4500D

Leuze Ident-System HFU4500D

Leuze Ident-System HFU4500D

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Selectable functions:
Read + display Barcode/ 2D,
Read and display RFID
Read1D /2D and Write to
Read all
Permanent connection to PLC
Easy to use transfer of messages
from PLC to HFU45xx display
Wired with spiral cable RS232
Cable within delivery content
Power supply external or PIN9 with one cable type separate

Model # Leuze Ident-System HFU4500D

Leuze Part No. HFU4500D 50113280

Leuze NT Hx5x0 Power plug 230VAC for Base or RS232 ext. 50110676

Leuze KB-RS232-USB cable with converter, RS232-USB A, 1m 50110677


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