Leuze IT 4820/4820i 2D-Code Hand-held Scanner

Leuze IT 4820/4820i 2D-Code Hand-held Scanner

Leuze IT 4820 - 4820i 2D-Code Hand-held Scanner

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Hand-held scanner for 2D codes and bar codes
Transmission to ST 2020 base station via Bluetooth standard V1.2
Large reading field for the detection of highcontrast codes
Robust trigger button
Built-in decoder
TTL-RS 232, USB and PS/2 interface
Operating temperature from 0 through 50°C (-10 through 50°C)

Model # Leuze IT 4820/4820i 2D-code hand-held Scanner with Bluetooth Data Transmission

Leuze Part No. 501 06668

Leuze 2D-code hand-held scanner for high-contrast Data Matrix codes
(standard range)

Leuze IT 4820 SR OC1C IT 4820 SR with Bluetooth 501 03988

IT 4820i SRE IT 4820i SR with Bluetooth 501 09474 (Special focus for small codes) Part No.

Leuze IT 4820 SF OC1C IT 4820 SF with Bluetooth 501 03987

Leuze IT 4820i SFE IT 4820i SF with Bluetooth 501 09476 Base station for Bluetooth transmission Part No.

Leuze ST 2020-5BE ST 2020 with TTL-RS 232/USB/PS/2 interface (without cable)
501 10663

TTL-RS 232-cable/PIN 9 IT 4xxx
Part No. 501 04586

PS/2-cable for IT 4xxx
Part No. 501 03409

USB-cable for IT 4xxx
Part No. 501 03404

Power supply unit for IT 4x2x
Part No. 501 03989

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