Leuze L200 Safety Locking Devices

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Leuze L200 Safety Locking Devices

Leuze L200 Safety Locking Devices

Large scale
The L200 Safety Locking Device designed for highly demanding applications is predestined for guarding large protective doors and sliding gates, in logistics operations, for example, or with very big machinery, and under harsh conditions.

Heavy duty access guarding on big machinery and systems in harsh ambient conditions
Emergency unlock function (ergonomically optimized panic button) for manually opening the protective devices in the event of an emergency
Suitable for extreme mechanical loads
Auxiliary unlocking (for spring locking)
LED status displays

Leuze L200 Safety Locking Devices Part Numbers:


Part no.: Leuze 63000651
Safety locking device

Part no.: Leuze 63000650
Safety locking device

Part no.: Leuze 63000652
Safety locking device

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