Leuze MSI-2H Safety Relays

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Leuze MSI-2H Safety Relays

Leuze MSI-2H Safety Relays

Between man and machine
The MSI-2H Safety Relay is the link between two-hand-command devices and the machine control; it functions as a two-hand relay in accordance with EN 574 type III C. The device checks the simultaneous activation of the two, 2-channel buttons and ensures a controlled process start. The module is used everywhere that feeding-in is not automatic, but rather has to be performed manually by people.

Two-hand control unit for presses, punching machines and other machines that are manually loaded
Extended simultaneity monitoring for an increased level of acceptance of the safeguards,
Can also be used as a protective door monitor acc. to EN 60204-1 STOP-0

Leuze MSI-2H Safety Relays Part Numbers:


Part no.: Leuze 549912
Safety relays
Automatic start/restart
Cross circuit monitoring
Simultaneity monitoring of the two-hand buttons …

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