Leuze MSI-CM Safety Relays

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Leuze MSI-CM Configurable Safety Relays

Leuze MSI-CM Safety Relays

Expanded safety
The MSI-CM Safety Relay is used as a contact extension module in accordance with DIN EN 60204-1/VDE 0113 Part 1 for contact extension for E-Stop relays and two-hand control units. It has five release current paths, one signaling current path and one feedback path. The contacts release undelayed in accordance with stop category 0. Depending on the wiring and proper integration of the feedback path, a Performance Level PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 is achieved.

Leuze MSI-CM Safety Relays Part Numbers:


Part no.: Leuze 547933
Safety relays Terminal, Screw terminal

Part no.: Leuze 547934
Safety relays Terminal, Spring-cage terminal

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