Leuze MSI-SR4 Safety Relays

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Leuze MSI-SR4 Safety Relays

Leuze MSI-SR4 Safety Relays

Short reaction time
The MSI-SR4 equipment includes the evaluation of safety input signals as well as three safety-related switching outputs and a signal output. Light curtains, E-Stop buttons and Safety Switches, for example, can thereby be integrated in the machine process in a safety-oriented manner.

Standard link between machine control and Optoelectronic Protective Devices as well as Safety Switches
Flexibly covers a wide range of applications
Monitored start/restart button,
Automatic start/restart
Short reaction time of just 10 ms, easy connection and time-saving mounting

Leuze MSI-SR4 Safety Relays Part Numbers:


Part no.: Leuze 549986
Safety relays
Automatic start/restart
Cross circuit monitoring
Start/restart interlock (RES), selectable …

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