Leuze MSI-SR5 Safety Relays

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Leuze MSI-SR5 Safety Relays

Leuze MSI-SR5 Safety Relays

Two devices can be connected to the MSI-SR5 Safety Relay at the inputs, either with two transistor OSSDs or by designing as a two-channel contact circuit. As a result, two sensors can be connected to a common switch-off circuit – for applications up to Performance Level PLe acc. to EN ISO 13849-1.

Very short response time
Monitored reset button
Dual evaluation of different sensor technologies
LED displays, K1 and K2, supply voltage
Housing width 22.5 mm
Potential-free safety-related switching outputs

Leuze MSI-SR5 Safety Relays Part Numbers:


Part no.: Leuze 549991
Safety relays
Automatic start/restart
Cross circuit monitoring
Double sensor monitoring …

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