Leuze Optical Forked Detection Sensors GS 63

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Leuze Optical Forked Detection Sensors GS 63

First class technology in the new design
For wider labels, this series with 60 mm mouth depth and short response time is ideal.

Optical forked photoelectric sensor with 3 mm mouth width and 60 mm mouth depth also making it ideally suited for detecting wide labels
High switching frequency and short response time guarantee very good repeatability
Easy adjustment via lockable teach button or teach input
Robust metal housing sealed to protect against corrosion
Slim-line-design (reduced fork height) for installation directly at the dispensing edge
ALC (auto level control) function: maximum performance reserve via automatic online optimization of the switching threshold
Storage of up to 10 teach values in the sensor
Warning output for the display of teach or function errors

Leuze Optical Forked Detection Sensors GS 63 Part Numbers:

GS 63/6
Part no.: Leuze 50112615
GS 63/6,200-S12
Part no.: Leuze 50112616
GS 63/6-S8
Part no.: Leuze 50112617
GS 63/6-S8V
Part no.: Leuze 50112618
GS 63/6.3-S8
Part no.: Leuze 50110104
GS 63/6.3-S8V
Part no.: Leuze 50110106
GS 63/6D
Part no.: Leuze 50112619
GS 63/6D,200-S12
Part no.: Leuze 50113790
GS 63/6D-S8
Part no.: Leuze 50112620
GS 63/6D.3-S8
Part no.: Leuze 50110105
GS 63/6D.3-S8V
Part no.: Leuze 50110107
IGS 63/6.3
Part no.: Leuze 50110759
IGS 63/6.3,200-S12
Part no.: Leuze 50112428
IGS 63/6D.3
Part no.: Leuze 50110760
IGS 63/6D.3,200-S12
Part no.: Leuze 50112429

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