Leuze VSU 12 Splice Inspection

Leuze VSU 12 Splice Inspection

Leuze VSU 12 Splice Inspection

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Reliable detection of splice on paper web or
plastic web

Sheet speeds up to 1000m/min

Automatic adaptation to the medium

High acoustic power (guaranteeing reliable
functionality even for thick materials)

Ultrasonic sensor in the M18 round-sleeve

Plug connection

Short-circuit proof PNP transistor outputs operating-state indication by means of LEDs

Sensors have a very short construction (can thus also be used in applications with limited available space)

Paper tear detection (…4.5)

Model # Leuze VSU 12 Splice Inspection

LEUZE DB 18 UP.1-25, 2500 501 08998
LEUZE VSU 12/4.4 501 04022
LEUZE VSU 12/4.5 501 04139

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