Nord SK 500E Frequency Inverters

Nord SK 500E Frequency Inverters


The SK 500E by NORD – an inverter of (almost) unlimited possibilities!

The SK 500E frequency inverter in book size allows for intelligent configurations to be implemented at a very favourable price.With its high functionality and numerous options the scope of possible uses is virtually unlimited. Easy to parameterize and with fully automatic motor identification, the SK 500E ensures that system start-up is accomplished in a very short time. While the SK 500E is appropriate for standard applications, the SK 520E version which is provided with an extra set of features is ideal for processes with more complex requirements.

SK 500E the versatile inverter among the compact-class units

Even the basic type has got a multiplicity of features sufficient for the majority of requirements:

  • four sets of parameters switchable online
  • sensorless vectorial current control ensuring torques of up to 400%
  • automatic motor parameter identification
  • 5 control inputs to be parameterized for various digital and analogue control functions
  • 2 digital outputs, 1 analogue output
  • integrated braking chopper and control of an electromagnetic motor brake
  • PID controller and process controller
  • RS 232 & RS 485 interface
  • 32 fixed frequencies (binary-coded)
  • motor potentiometer function
  • limit switch control
  • flying start

SK 520E – a member of the supper class

Wherever drive control is of the intricate kind the SK 520E with its extra features and options will cope:

  • encoder interface (TTL)
  • CANopen interface
  • 2 additional digital inputs
  • 2 additional digital outputs
  • integrated safety features as per EN 654-1 cat. 3. Stop categories 0 and 1 to be available soon