Nord SK 750E Frequency Inverters

Nord Trio SK 750E Frequency Inverters

Nord Trio SK 750E Frequency Inverters

The frequency inverter for harsh environments Nord SK 750E

With its high IP 54 class of protection, the SK 750E is optimally equipped to meet the requirements of distributed drive control.Allowing for alternative mounting options (wall or motor as appropriate) the device can smoothly be integrated into the existing machine and system architecture.The SK 750E is a robust drive control package available with outputs between 5.5 and 22 kW, for connection to supply voltages between 200 and 480 VAC.

The inverter is designed for modular extension. The basic version includes:

  • four parameter sets switchable online
  • sensorless vectorial current control ensuring torques of up to 400%
  • integrated braking chopper for highly dynamic decelerati- on without wear
  • due to its modular construction the device can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the equipment to be controlled
  • PID controller and process controller
  • RS 485 standard interface
  • flying start
  • Modular extensions for any application

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