SEW Eurodrive Helical Gear Motor RM Series

SEW Eurodrive Helical Gear Motor RM Series

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SEW Eurodrive Helical Gearmotor RM Series

In six single-stage and fourteen two-stage and three-stage sizes, the helical gearmotors by SEW-EURODRIVE ensure an optimum ratio between power and space requirements.
High torque density
Long service life
R37 … R167 Reduced backlash option
RM series, specially designed for agitating applications
The tried and tested modular concept and strict quality criteria allow SEW-EURODRIVE to provide a diverse range of torques and reduction ratios with incomparably finely tuned gradings. With this exceptional diversity, SEW-EURODRIVE sets new standards in the field of drive engineering.
Available versions

Single-stage or multi-stage
Foot-mounted or flange-mounted
Foot-mounted and flange-mounted
Flange-mounted with extended bearing hub

SEW Eurodrive Helical Gearmotor RM series

RM gearmotors with extended output bearing hub are a special type of helical gearmotor. They were designed especially for agitating applications and allow for high overhung and axial loads and bending moments. The remaining data corresponds to that of standard helical gearmotors.

Technical data

Gear unit reduction ratio – [i] – 4.29 to 289.74
Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio – [i] – 134 to 27001
Output torque – [Nm] ([in-lb]) – 270 to 18000
(2380 to 159300)
Motor power range – [kW] ([hp]) – 0.12 to 160
(0.16 to 215)

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