SEW Eurodrive Screw Conveyor Drives

SEW Eurodrive Screw Conveyor Drives

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We provide all SEW Eurodrive Helical Gear Motors, MOVITRAC, Helical Bevel Gear Motors, Helical Worm Gear Motors, Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors, VARIGEAR and VARIMOT Variable Speed Gearmotors, TorqLoc as well as Screw Conveyor Drives.

SEW Eurodrive Screw Conveyor

Simple and Economical

The SEW-Eurodrive screw conveyor drive is suitable for a large variety of applications requiring movement of bulk material both vertically and horizontally. Their screw conveyor drives differentiate themselves in the marketplace by shipping in a gearmotor configuration, or as a gear unit with c-face motor adapter, both of which relieve the customer of maintenance costs and efficiency losses inherent with belts. Competitive methods often require a motor mount, motor, belt and belt guard that are not assembled prior to shipment.

SEW Eurodrive Screw Conveyor Drives

A wide variety of gear ratios are available for each size to give our customers the correct output speed and service factor. SEW-Eurodrive screw conveyor provides torque from 1,770 lb-in to 115,100 lb-in with output shafts and flanges to accommodate CEMA mountings. Additional shaft configurations are available if required. Bearing life in the gear unit is rated at 10,000 hrs minimum as a basis for design.

CEMA screw conveyor drives are created using SEW-Eurodrive’s “Snuggler®” (FAZ) gear unit for offset parallel configurations and the helical-bevel (KAZ) gear unit for right angle applications. The standard 2-hole straight steel shaft is constructed for use with a waste pack seal which can also be provided as an option. The product range covers sizes 37-127 in the FAZ and KAZ configurations with torques ranging from 1,770-115,000 lb-in.

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