Sterling Electric Motors EW0014FFA

planetary gear reducer

Sterling Electric Motors EW0014DFAEW0014FFA

Cast Iron Ribbed Frame with Cast Iron End Brackets
Stamped Steel Fan Guard and Conduit Box
Class ‘F’ Insulation, 1.15 Service Factor
Energy Efficient in accordance with EISA 2007 92
Inverter Rated Per NEMA MG1-Part 30 (3:1 Constant or 6:1 Variable Torque)

Dimensional Drawings

Specifications Sheet (PDF)
3D Model (3D STEP)

Complete Specifications
Model Number     EW0014FFA
Horsepower     1
RPM     1800
RPM (full load)     1710
Phase     3
Frequency     60
Voltage     230/460
Frame Size     143T
Mounting     Footed
Enclosure     TEFC
Amps     2.9/1.45
Amps (locked)     18/9
Efficiency (at 100%)     82.5
Efficiency (at 75%)     83.5
Efficiency (at 50%)     82.5
Power Factor (at 100%)     82.0
Power Factor (at 75%)     77.0
Power Factor (at 50%)     66.0
Full Load Torque (lb ft sq)     3.10
Locked Rotor Torque (% of Full Load)     200
Breakdown Torque (% of Full Load)     245
Brake Torque (ft lb)     0
Efficiency Type     EISA 2007
Construction Materials     Cast Iron
Estimated Weight     45.00
Washdown     No
Wiring Diagram     1,2


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