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Helical shaft mounted speed reducer available with CEMA screw conveyor drive option and C-face adapter option. Features patented keyless, steel Taper-Grip® bushing for easy mounting.

  • Higher ratings with a 25° pressure angle and wider gear tooth face for maximum torque
  • Keyless shaft connection with Taper-Grip® bushing for easy installation and removal, simple replacement
  • Heavy duty roller bearings for maximum strength and extended life
  • AGMA standard bore sizes in both bushed and through-bore simplify specification and retrofit
  • CEMA standard screw conveyor options
  • Optional Taconite sealing systems for effective protection in specialized applications and extended operation
  • Drop in replacement for all AGMA-style units
  • Flexible motor mounting capabilities
  • Backstops with centrifugal lift-off sprags to maximize reliability

The Helical Shaft Mount (HSM) provides a convenient installation and removal method for speed reduction by mounting directly on the drive shaft. Sumitomo’s Taper-Grip® bushing design provides simple, keyless mounting and easy removal. HSM is readily adaptable for CEMA screw conveyer and shaft mount options. Carburized gear teeth with optimal gear geometry and wide gear faces, enable HSM to deliver high-efficiency torque output and maximum ratings capacity in a compact design.

Power¼ to 300HP
Ratio5:1 to 25:1
Sizes107 to 608
Bore Sizes1 3/16″ to 6 1/2″, metric optional
MountsVertical, horizontal, and direct drive mounting configurations
LubricationOil lubrication, synthetic lubricant optional
HousingCast iron case construction
Screw ConveyorCEMA Standards
Accessories AvailableTaper Grip Bushing, Motor Mount, Back Stop, Torque Arm, ABS Belt Guard, Belt, Breathers, Sheaves, Harsh Duty Seal, Screw Conveyor, Screw Conveyor Adapter Kit, Screw Conveyor Seal Kit
Power¼ to 300HP