Output Shafts Available
• Stainless Steel Gear Motors Available
• Wash Down Duty Gear Motors Available
• Gear Motors with Brake Available


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Part NumberFrequencyInput SpeedPolesOutput SpeedOutput TorqueService FactorOverhung LoadH.P.Frame SizeSelection AGMA ClassRatioBrake
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-560 Hz1750 RPM4350 RPM2300 in-lbs1.001070 lbs151634A5NO
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-B-560 Hz1750 RPM4350 RPM2300 in-lbs1.001070 lbs151634A5YES
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-760 Hz1750 RPM4250 RPM3220 in-lbs1.001180 lbs151634A7NO
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-B-760 Hz1750 RPM4250 RPM3220 in-lbs1.001180 lbs151634A7YES
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-1060 Hz1750 RPM4175 RPM4590 in-lbs1.001330 lbs151634A10NO
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-B-1060 Hz1750 RPM4175 RPM4590 in-lbs1.001330 lbs151634A10YES
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-1260 Hz1750 RPM4146 RPM5510 in-lbs1.001420 lbs151634A12NO
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-B-1260 Hz1750 RPM4146 RPM5510 in-lbs1.001420 lbs151634A12YES
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-1560 Hz1750 RPM4117 RPM6890 in-lbs1.001500 lbs151634A15NO
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-B-1560 Hz1750 RPM4117 RPM6890 in-lbs1.001500 lbs151634A15YES
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-2060 Hz1750 RPM487.5 RPM9190 in-lbs1.001650 lbs151634A20NO
RNYM15-1634-YA-EP-B-2060 Hz1750 RPM487.5 RPM9190 in-lbs1.001650 lbs151634A20YES

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