Sumitomo Hyponic Gearmotor

3-Phase 5HP 3.7kW 60Hz

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Hyponic Gearmotor
Part No – RNYM5-1632-YA-EP-60
Frequency – 60 Hz
Input Speed – 1750 RPM
Poles – 4
Output Speed – 29.2 RPM
Output Torque – 9190 in-lbs
Service Factor – 1.00
Overhung Load – 2060 lbs
HP – 5
Frame Size – 1632
Selection AGMA Class – A
Ratio – 60
Brake -NO

Sumitomo’s patented, all steel hypoid gear technology leads the industry in quiet operation and high efficiency. The Hyponic significantly outperforms worm gearing across ratios from 30:1 to 1440:1

Reduction – Combination of hypoid gear input and involute gear output.
Lubrication – Grease lubricated; filled with special high-grade grease prior to shipment.
Seals – Nitrile material, triple or double lipped output seals. Input seals are FKH.
Material – Casing: aluminum alloy or cast iron; Gear : chrome-molybdenum steel
Paint Color – Blue, Munsell color number 6.5PB 3.6/8.2 or silver
Bearings – Deep groove ball bearings on input and output.

  • Up to 85% efficient across all ratios and requires no cooling fan
  • NSF 51 approved antimicrobial powder coating
  • More torque density in a compact unit
  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication eliminates oil changes
  • Aluminum, corrosion resistant housing
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Hollow bore makes installation and retrofit quick and easy
  • Extremely quiet, smooth operation is ideal for commercial use
  • Optional popular keyed-hollow bore sizes available: 1-3/16″, 1-7/16″, 1-15/16″ 2-3/16″

Output Shafts Available
• Stainless Steel Gear Motors Available
• Wash Down Duty Gear Motors Available
• Gear Motors with Brake Available



VFD’s Available

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