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Warner Electric Part Numbers

UPC                         Product Description                       Part#

884107120966    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-3K-B9-B9    F05037
884107120973    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-4K-B11-B11    F05038
884107120980    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-4K-B11-B9    F05039
884107120997    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-4K-B9-B11    F05040
884107121000    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-4K-B9-B9    F05041
884107121017    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-5K-B11-B11    F05042
884107121024    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-5K-B11-B9    F05043
884107121031    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-5K-B9-B11    F05044
884107121048    HELICAL MULTIPLIER SZ3            HMF3-5K-B9-B9    F05045
884107121192    HEL/WORM RED.HOLLOW               SF832BR-140K-B5-M5    D00635
884107121345    Precision Gearhead                PL6140-035-KS-S-0503-24.0    P01229
884107121369    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-025-0201-09.0    P01231
884107121376    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-010-0202-09.0    P01232
884107121383    Precision Gearhead                PR2060-100-KS-S-0205-09.0    P01233
884107121390    Precision Gearhead                PR2060-005-KS-S-0301-11.0    P01234
884107121628    HEL/WORM RED.HOLLOW               SF862BRF-40K-B9-M2    D00646
884107121994    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73040B7HP31    H03450
884107122038    MAN DR MINI                       EN43109-PB    71074
884107122069    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72120B7HP12    H03455
884107122205    HOR04FBLP12                       HOR04FBLP12    Z00217
884107122595    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73220B7HP28    H03482
884107122878    SHOE SET 14X4 SC 47 OZ. with 5    710850-057-SET    Z00223
884107123257    HEL/WORM RED.HOLLOW               SF852BR-22K-B9-M5    D00661
884107123738    RIGHT ANGLE UNIT                  R1413-1-G    G00140
884107123769    SPEED REDUCER                     HF7155B5HP12    H03549
884107124261    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72625B7HP26    H03584
884107124841    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72430B7HP20    H03604
884107124995    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F842B-40KT-B5-M4    D00697
884107125107    PDC04FBHP18                       PDC04FBHP18    Z00250
884107125381    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73060B7HP21    H03634
884107125510    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73050B7HP31    H03642
884107125787    ORC2SBCMP18P24                    ORC2SBCMP18P24    Z00253
884107125916    CGC060PMP12                       CGC060PMP12    Z00254
884107126111    CFC Sub Assembly 1.000 bore       710298-001-10000    Z00257
884107126616    WOR06ABWP32                       WOR06ABWP32    Z00262
884107126937    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F832B-25KT-B5-M4    D00721
884107127033    HEL/WORM RED.HOLLOW               SF862BRB-140K-B5-H    D00733
884107127163    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F832B-11KT-B5-M5    D00735
884107127170    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F842B-16KT-B7-M4    D00736
884107127705    Precision Gearhead                PR2090-010-KS-S-0502-19.0    P01243
884107127712    Precision Gearhead                PR6180-005-KS-S-0502-48.0    P01244
884107128078    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             832B-1.5K-M4    D00764
884107128085    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             832B-10K-M4    D00765
884107128092    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             832B-20K-M4    D00766
884107128122    12X4 Driver (spider) half with    711022-001-30000    Z00269
884107128450    SPEED REDUCER                     HF738 30 B9 H P39    H03808
884107128580    Precision Gearhead                PL5050-100-0102-08.0    P01239
884107128603    SPEED REDUCER                     F7265B5G    H03818
884107128689    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72620B5HP23    H03825
884107129648    SPEED REDUCER                     F832B-5K-B5-M4-FUTF-ID-B-HK    D00783

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