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Warner Electric Part Numbers

UPC                         Product Description                       Part#

884107201603    SPEED REDUCER                     SF842BR25KB5M6    F05511
884107201887    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73030B5HP22    H08170
884107201948    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73030B5HP23    H08173
884107201962    SPEED REDUCER                     HF71820B5HP14    H08174
884107201986    Precision Gearhead                PL5120-070-4130303-19.0    P01384
884107202068    SPEED REDUCER                     SSF72120B5GS    H08180
884107202075    Precision Gearhead                PR6075-040-KS-S-4020707-16.0    P01385
884107202082    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72410B7HP16    H08181
884107202105    SPEED REDUCER                     SSF721-40K-B5-GS    H08183
884107202389    Precision Gearhead                PL6100-050-KS-S-4130801-24.0    P01386
884107202471    Precision Gearhead                PL5090-010-4130204-14.0    P01387
884107202501    Precision Gearhead                PR2090-180-KS-S-4020707-16.0    P01389
884107202518    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72660KB5HSP20    H08211
884107202921    Precision Gearhead                PR2142-010-KS-S-4150301-35.0    P01390
884107202945    SPEED REDUCER                     SF853BRF-360K-B5    D01888
884107202983    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-010-4127001-12.7    P01391
884107203065    SPEED REDUCER                     SF852BRF63KB5    D01890
884107203584    Bearing SKF 6913-2RS1             039273-096-00000    Z00746
884107203652    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72660KB5HSP16    H08277
884107203669    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72160KB5HSP12    H08278
884107203843    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73830B9HP24    H08290
884107203973    Precision Gearhead                PL5120-005-4140601-19.0    P01392
884107204253    SPEED REDUCER                     SF832BR-12K-B5-G-M3    D01911
884107204284    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72660B5HSP16    H08320
884107204406    FSP5 OUTPUT SHAFT S/A             XFSP5-3M    47846
884107204413    INT RET RING N5000-200            XTRN5000-200    78979
884107204420    SPEED REDUCER                     F843B-140K-B5-M3    D01913
884107204512    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73010B7HP28    H08333
884107204567    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-005-4120403-14.0    P01393
884107204611    SPEED REDUCER                     F843B-140K-B5-M2    D01912
884107204673    SPEED REDUCER                     SSF71860B5GS    H08342
884107204710    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF73260KB5HSP20    H08344
884107204741    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73230B7HP27    H08347
884107204772    SPEED REDUCER                     SF832BRB-71K-B5-G    D01919
884107204796    Precision Gearhead                PL2220-005-SS-P-4170302-48.0    P01394
884107204871    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72620B5HP20    H08354
884107205021    SPEED REDUCER                     SF862BR25KB7    D01922
884107205182    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73040B7HP23    H08378
884107205199    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72625KB5HSP20    H08379
884107205465    PREFERENCE FOR DOMESTIC SPECIA    CERT DFARS 252.225-7014    G00520
884107205472    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF71810KB5HSP16    H08395
884107205571    SPEED REDUCER                     F832B-7.2K-B5-M3    D01928
884107205663    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72610B7HSP23    H08407
884107205687    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72125KB5HSP20    H08409
884107205700    Precision Gearhead                PL6100-010-KS-S-4140602-24.0    P01396
884107205830    SPEED REDUCER                     SSHF72610B7HSP16    H08418
884107205861    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F832B-11K-B5-M4    D01929
884107206004    Precision Gearhead                PL6075-020-KS-S-4020707-16.0FE    P01398
884107206127    SPEED REDUCER                     HF715 60 B5 H P14    H08435
884107206196    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             SF832BRF-20K-B5-M5    D01933

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