Delta RM Series Remote Extension Modules

Delta RM Series Remote Extension Modules

Delta RM Series Remote Extension Modules

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Remote Extension Modules – RM Series


High-speed remote extension modules are designed for real-time data acquisition for establishing a cost-effective remote I/O system which substantially increases the purchase of Delta High-Speed Motion Control System, DCMNET.


General Specifications
Power Supply Voltage: 24VDC (15% ~ 20%)
ESD: 8KV Air Discharge
EFT: Power Line-2KV
Digital I/O 1KV
RS: 80MHz ~ 1GHz, 10V/m
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C

Electrical Specifications of Digital Input Modules
Circuit Type: Single
Signal Type: SINK / SOURCE
Power Supply Voltage: 24VDC(5mA)
Response Time: 0 ~ 3ms (adjustable)
Active Level (OFF->ON): >16.5VDC
Active Level (ON->OFF): <8VDC

Electrical Specifications of Digital Output Modules
Circuit Type: Transistor
Signal Type: SINK
Work Frequency: 10KHz
Current Specifications: 0.1A/1point @40°C
Voltage Specifications: 24VDC
Active Level (OFF->ON):20us
Active Level (ON->OFF):30us


ectronic components, printing machines, woodworking machines, discharge machines, adhesive machines, tube bending machines


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