Delta VFD-F AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-F AC Drives

Delta VFD-F AC Drives

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Delta VFD-F Series – Fan and Pump Purpose Drives


Variable Torque AC Drive. Specifically designed for medium and high horsepower fan and pump applications. The F series offers an adjustable V/F curve and automatic voltage regulation. It also offers the capability of connecting and running consecutively four motors. A set of motors consisting of 1 variable-speed motor and 3 constant-speed motors is allowable.


  • Output frequency 0.1 ~ 120 Hz
  • Adjustable V/f curve
  • 16-step speed control and 15-step preset speed process control
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Time/fix amount circulation control
  • Built-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 38400 bps
  • Support communication module (DN-02, LN-01, PD-01)


Air conditioner for large buildings; wastewater treatment system; water supply system for large buildings; public water supply system, etc.

Part Numbers:

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD007F23A1HP230V3PH5A
Delta VFD015F23A2HP230V3PH7A
Delta VFD022F23A3HP230V3PH11A
Delta VFD037F23A5HP230V3PH17A
Delta VFD055F23A7.5HP230V3PH25A
Delta VFD055F43H7.5HP230V3PH13A
Delta VFD075F23A10HP230V3PH33A
Delta VFD110F23A15HP230V3PH49A
Delta VFD150F23A20HP230V3PH65A
Delta VFD185F23A20HP230V3PH75A
Delta VFD220F23A30HP230V3PH90A
Delta VFD300F23A40HP230V3PH120A
Delta VFD370F23A50HP230V3PH145A
Delta VFD007F43A1HP460V3PH2.7A
Delta VFD007F43H1HP460V3PH2.7A
Delta VFD015F43A2HP460V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD015F43H2HP460V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD022F43A3HP460V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD022F43H3HP460V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD037F43A5HP460V3PH17A
Delta VFD037F43H5HP460V3PH8.5A
Delta VFD055F43B7.5HP460V3PH13A
Delta VFD075F43B10HP460V3PH33A
Delta VFD075F43H10HP460V3PH33A
Delta VFD110F43A15HP460V3PH49A
Delta VFD110F43H15HP460V3PH49A
Delta VFD150F43A20HP460V3PH32A
Delta VFD150F43H20HP460V3PH32A
Delta VFD185F43A25HP460V3PH38A
Delta VFD185F43H25HP460V3PH38A
Delta VFD220F43A30HP460V3PH45A
Delta VFD220F43H30HP460V3PH45A
Delta VFD300F43A40HP460V3PH60A
Delta VFD300F43H40HP460V3PH60A
Delta VFD370F43A50HP460V3PH73A
Delta VFD370F43H50HP460V3PH73A
Delta VFD450F43A60HP460V3PH91A
Delta VFD450F43H60HP460V3PH91A
Delta VFD550F43A75HP460V3PH110A
Delta VFD550F43H75HP460V3PH110A
Delta VFD750F43A100HP460V3PH150A
Delta VFD750F43H100HP460V3PH150A
Delta VFD900F43C125HP460V3PH180A
Delta VFD900F43H125HP460V3PH180A
Delta VFD900F43A125HP460V3PH
Delta VFD1100F43A150HP460V3PH220A
Delta VFD1100F43C150HP460V3PH220A
Delta VFD1100F43H150HP460V3PH220A
Delta VFD1320F43H150HP460V3PH260A
Delta VFD1320F43A1755HP460V3PH260A
Delta VFD1600F43A215HP460V3PH310A
Delta VFD1600F43H215HP460V3PH310A
Delta VFD1850F43A250HP460V3PH370A
Delta VFD1850F43H250HP460V3PH370A
Delta VFD2200F43A300HP460V3PH460A
Delta VFD2200F43H300HP460V3PH460A