Hitachi Vortex Blower VB-002G-U

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The Hitachi G Series high pressure vortex blower generates high speed air via maintaining an optimal vane surface, enabling higher pressure for discharge and vacuum applications.

Hitachi Vortex Blower VB-002G-U

Vortex Blower, 208-230-460 volt, 3 phase, 1/3 Hp

HITACHI’s innovative cooling system enables Fully Closed suction operation for a variety of vacuum applications. The G-Series Vortex Blower can be utilized in both discharge and suction applications. The G-Series Vortex Blower is designed to provide non-pulsating air flow.

G Series
Maximum cfm Volume = 28 cfm
Maximum Operating Pressure = 37 in. H20



  • 100% Oil-Less, High Capacity Design
  • Patented Three Dimension Impeller Design generates high speed air via maintaining an optimal vane surface.
  • Capable of running in a Closed Suction Operation
  • Flexible application for both discharge and suction
  • Low sound levels
  • uL listing
  • Capability to match with HITACHI inverter for maximum efficiency
  • One (1) year VB product replacement warranty

Width: 8.46 inches
Height: 8.31 inches
Length: 9.45 inches
Weight: 18.7 lbs
Connection: 1.25 MPT
Max Output Vacuum: 0.195 kW
FLA Amps: 0.94-0.93/0.47 A
Locked Rotor Amps: 5.5-6.3/3.2 A
Maximum Inches of H2O Operating Pressure or Vacuum: 37 inches
Max Volume: 28CFM
Decibels: 55 DBA
Input Power: 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
Motor Output: 0..2 kW
Motor Output: 0.27 hp
Poles: 2
Insulation Class: B

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