LEESON Resilient Base Motors

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LEESON Resilient Base Motors

LEESON Resilient Base Motors

General Specifications:

Industrial quality, resilient mounted, capacitor start-type, ball bearing motors for fan and blower service.  Moderate starting torque electrical design to reduce stress on the fan blades during start-up.  Capacitor-type design has higher energy efficiency rating than split phase, single-phase fan and blower motors.  Suitable for belt-driven fans or fan-on-shaft applications.  Self-ventilated design, may be mounted outside of the fan’s airflow.
Ratings: ODP – Resilient Base – 115/230 Volt, 277 Volt – Auto Protectors

Horsepower1/4 to 21/4 to 2
Speed (RPM)36001800
Frame Size48, 5648, 56

Ratings: TEFC – Resilient Base – 115/230 Volt – Auto Protectors

Horsepower1/2 to 1
Speed (RPM)1800
Frame Size 56

LEESON Resilient Base Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 101020.00
LEESON 101021.00
LEESON 111953.00
LEESON 113643.00
LEESON 111954.00
LEESON 113672.00
LEESON 111955.00
LEESON 113373.00
LEESON 111956.00
LEESON 111957.00
LEESON 111959.00
LEESON 111958.00
LEESON 111960.00
LEESON 111961.00
LEESON 111962.00
LEESON 111963.00



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